Since 1980, Metaltre Snc represents the evidence of an evolving company basing its growth on product care, kindliness and courtesy of its employees.

This policy is the key of the success for the company and we are working on to achieve a continuos growth.

Metaltre Snc designs and produces modular concept based aviaries, troughs and sheetmetal panels. Moreover it produces also inox steel sheet wraparounds for machineries.

Quality is a primary concept and it is really applied on raw materials selection and production process looking, in every moment, at the leading edge technology solutions.

The passion and the enthusiasm for this job are the real add-on values to the nude sheetmetal parts making them a superior quality product done by who really get the neccesary know-how to do it.

A aviary, a trough, a simple sheetmetal panel represent the result of a clever idea that is really tested on the field, before to become a product, by people who love nature and pets.

REFERENCES: Reginato Luciano - Reginato Alessandra


Outdoor aviaries

Indoor aviaries